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As you may know, YTL Communications is the only telco that has deployed 5G services to the mass market in Malaysia so far. Since the first Yes 5G plans were made available to the public last December just as Digital Nasional Berhad officially opened up the national 5G network to the public, they were restricted to smartphones but that has just changed this week with the new Yes Wireless Fibre 5G plan.

In general, the new plan is the first 5G-based Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in Malaysia. For RM148 per month, customers will be provided with an unlimited 5G data quota at a speed of up to 120Mbps.

Yes Wireless Fibre 5G
The Yes 5G Infinite Gateway. [Image: Yes 5G.]

They will also receive 150GB of 4G data without any speed cap. The new Yes Wireless Fibre 5G plan is also inclusive of a free 5G router although customers have to commit to the place for 24 months.


On the other hand, there is also the Yes Wireless Fibre 5G bundle plan which costs RM229 per month. On top of all the services provided by the standard plan, the bundle also includes two supplementary Infinite Basic lines for smartphones.

As we mentioned back in May during its launch, the Yes Infinite Basic plan gives users unlimited 5G and 4G data as well as calls. It does come with a 10GB hotspot quota though and if signed up separately, the plan costs RM58 per month.

Yes Wireless Fibre 5G
The Yes 5G Infinite Gateway. [Image: Yes 5G.]

On a related note, we could not find any information regarding the manufacturer and exact model name of the 5G router despite our attempt to dig for more information regarding it. Nevertheless, the documentation on Yes 5G’s website noted that the router has 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi capability as well as able to support 32 devices at one time.

Right now, the 5G services in Malaysia are available in selected parts of Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, and Selangor. Outside of Klang Valley, 5G areas are also located in Johor, Perak, and Penang.

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