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On one hand, you have the Mazda CX-8, one of the most popular 7-seater SUVs in town and on the other, a versatile competitor with unique features and proper four-wheel drive capabilities. How do you choose?

The Mazda looks sleek with clean lines that are almost certain to look timeless in the years to come but the Hyundai has a unique design and to some extent, looks rugged too. In terms of size, the CX-8 is longer, taller than the Santa Fe although the latter is wider.

In terms of wheelbase, where it matters most as it determines how much space you get inside, the CX-8 is longer at 2930 mm compared to the 2765 mm in the Santa Fe.

Both offer similar essential features on the inside; including a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and accommodates seven passengers on Nappa leather seats.

As for powertrain, both come with 2.2-litre turbo diesel engines but while the Santa Fe produces more power compared to the CX-8, at 193 hp vs 188 hp, the CX-8 produces more torque at 440 Nm compared to the Santa Fe’s 440 Nm.

So how do you choose? Watch the video to get a clearer idea which is the more practical SUV for you!

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