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Video game cheats have primarily been a plague on PC, not so much on consoles. But a new, relatively sophisticated method brings the disease to consoles. And it involves a PC, a capture card, and machine learning.

The Anti-Cheat Police Department, a bunch of volunteers who look out for and disrupt cheating groups, have shared on Twitter a new kind of cheating. As mentioned, it uses machine learning, The way it works is by having the cheat analyse your gameplay in real time, and the cheat adds in inputs so that your crosshairs snap to your enemies.

Because it’s not an aim bot or wall hack, you will actually have to see your enemies for the cheat to kick in. And even then, you’ll have to manually aim in the general direction of your targets until a certain threshold where it kicks in and does the aiming for you. Think of it as aim assist, but turned up to 19 and given a steroid overdose.

Making this even scarier is that this is usable even on consoles. All you need is a PC that’s running the cheat, and a capture card so allow your PC to see gameplay from your console.

There was a video promoting this on YouTube, presumably showcasing the cheat working in a Call of Duty. Activision has since made a copyright claim on the video, taking it down. But as Eurogamer reports, the cheat’s discord is still active, and the software is still up for sale. The good news is that it is still detectable. But even then, it will be awhile before any real action gets taken against this new breed of cheat. More so, it’s a sign of the evolution that cheats are currently going through

(Source: Anti-Cheat Police Department / Twitter via Eurogamer)

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