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TM has appointed Jasmine Lee Sze Inn as the new Executive Vice President of Mobile. Effective immediately, she has also been named as the CEO of Webe Digital, the very subsidiary that is responsible for TM’s mobile effort.

Even though TM has yet to publicly announce the new lead executive for its mobile division, Jasmine has confirmed her appointment through LinkedIn. First reported by Malaysian Wireless, she is a well-known figure within the local mobile industry.

Jasmine (centre) during the launch of GoPayz in June 2019.

Prior to TM, she made her mark at U Mobile as the telco’s Chief Marketing Officer from 2013 to 2021.  In November 2021, U Mobile switched her role to Chief Digital Officer.

However, news broke out a few months later that Jasmine has resigned from the telco although it was not known at that time that she will be joining TM. Aside from U Mobile, she has also spent some time at several other high-profile companies including AirAsia, Digi, and Sony Malaysia.


In the internal memo from TM’s Group CEO, Imri Mokhtar that announced her appointment, it is quite clear that Jasmine is expected to help push the company’s mobile agenda. Not enough with that, TM is looking to tap into her vast experience to propel its fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) effort as well.

In general, FMC is a combination of both mobile and fixed broadband plans. In the memo, Imri said that FMC will become TM’s “next battlefield” as competitors have been rolling out attractive FMC products and could weaken the company’s hold on the broadband market if they are left rampant.

On the same note, Imri has pointed out that U Mobile has managed to grow its subscriber base from one million in 2013 to more than seven million in 2021 during Jasmine’s time. It will be interesting to see if she is able to replicate this at TM although the playing field will be slightly different with 5G in the picture.

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