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We have read so much news about businesses that had no choice but to cease their operations since the Covid-19 pandemic hit this country. The third wave has especially hit hard for some of them. The same goes for this 63-year-old shoe shop in Penang called Hong Kong Shoe Store.

Hong Kong Shoe Store Has Been Visited By Royalty During The 1960s

Being one of the oldest businesses in Penang, this 63-year-old shoe store is very well-known among Penangites. This shop was established by Sung Choy in 1958 after learning with an experienced and skilled shoemaker in Klang. Also, did you know? This shop is where the famous shoe designer, Datuk Jimmy Choo apprenticed.

Hong Kong Shoe Store
Photo: Hong Kong Shoe Store (Facebook)

Tucked in Kimberley Street, this shop won gold status under cultural continuity recognition of GTWHI Heritage and Awards 2020 last year aside from Kwongtuck. According to Wong Heng Mun, the second-generation bespoke shoemaker and owner, his father had worked at many other shoe shops to acquired shoemaking skills including in Singapore and Penang before settling down.

Datuk Jimmy Choo
Photo: Hong Kong Shoe Store (Facebook)
Photo: Hong Kong Shoe Store (Facebook)

Wong added, during his and Choo apprentice period with his father in the 1960s, they were visited by the middle class to even members of royalty from other states. Mastering the skill at the age of 16, Wong started working full time at the already famous shoe store.

Hong Kong Shoe Store
Photo: Hong Kong Shoe Store (Facebook)
Hong Kong Shoe Store
Photo: Hong Kong Shoe Store (Facebook)

Covid-19 Pandemic Struggles

However, the store has missed the existence of its customers since Movement Control Order (MCO) back in 2020. Wong told orders would pile up especially during festive seasons. Now, instead of filling up orders, he has been occupying most of his time on his smartphone. Occasionally, repairs his regular’s shoes. Paying rent has also been difficult since then.

Hong Kong Shoe Store
Photo: Hong Kong Shoe Store (Facebook)

Moreover, the interstate travel restriction was the cause of business to drop to zero for months as most of his customers are from Kedah and Perak. He often got orders for the disabled or orthopaedic shoes from these two states. As the nature of his business requires him to obtain the correct measurements of customers’ feet, going online is nearly impossible.

Abide By The SOPs & Stay Home

As the number of Covid-19 cases is drastically increasing, there is no more green zone in Peninsular Malaysia. Today we have recorded the highest daily cases yet again. Make sure to abide by the SOPs as it has become our responsibility to take care of one another in this fight. Stay safe!

Source: Malay Mail

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