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Foodies, who’s up for some Thai food? We’ve been told that Clan Jetty Thai Food is back in business, and we’re so excited. Imagine dining al fresco while overlooking the magnificent view of the Clan Jetty, what a beauty.

Clan Jetty Thai Food Let’s You Dine While Overlooking The Beautiful Clan Jetty:

clan jetty
Photo: @yu_jie12 (Instagram)

Clan Jetty Thai Food

Nestled in no other than the famous Tan Jetty, in fact, they were once called Tan Jetty Thai Food Restaurant. Situated at the very end of the stilt house, Clan Jetty Thai Food offers a great view of the shore.

food buddies

Photo: @avischeah_kc (Instagram)

Dine al fresco and enjoy the breeze while overlooking the beautiful view of the Clan Jetty. We highly recommend visiting during sunset for the best view and experience. Indulge in a plethora of savoury Thai fares, paired with a couple of iced cold beer, perfect.

Photo: @leon_ck_ (Instagram)
New Private Community Group
Photo: @avischeah_kc (Instagram)

The owner did suggest to visit during the weekday instead as it can get quite crowded during the weekend. We heard they’re helmed by real Thais, so dishes might be failproof.

tan jetty
Photo: @yu_jie12 (Instagram)

Tan Jetty Thai Food Restaurant

Overall, this place is great for sharing a meal with friends or family right by the sea. We highly recommend giving Clan Jetty Thai Food a visit! Don’t forget to tag your Thai food buddies and share this place out for yet another foodventure. That’s all, stay safe and buh bye!

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