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Japanese camera brand Kenko Tokina recently unveiled the Pieni II toy camera, a sequel to its first model which launched back in 2019. Despite being categorised as such, the ultra-compact device is actually capable of snapping photos, though we urge you not to expect too much when it comes to image quality.

Like its predecessor, the Kenko Tokina Pieni II is a palm-sized camera that measures at only 51 x 36 x 18 mm and weighs a wee 18 g. The design of the device itself resembles a shrunken vintage film camera, though its shutter and mode buttons as well as its viewfinder does actually work. The latter can also have built-in lights to serve as an indicator of which mode is currently activated: red for photo, blue for video, and purple for audio only.

Kenko Tokina Pieni II Toy Camera price
Image: Kenko Tokina

In terms of colour options, the toy camera is offered in mint, peach, orange and grey, while a collaborative version which features popular Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and Pochacco are also available. Besides that, it also comes packaged with a neck strap and there’s a built-in magnet on its back so you can attach it to a refrigerator, because why not?

Kenko Tokina Pieni II Toy Camera price 1
Image: Kenko Tokina

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the sensor featured on the toy camera is nothing to write home about. To be more specific, it can only capture 1.31 MP photos and is also capable of recording videos at the same resolution. Additionally, it has a shutter speed of 1/100 second, aperture of f/2.8 and ISO sensitivity of 100.


Image: Kenko Tokina

Also onboard is a microphone for both video and audio-only recordings, while situated on the left and right sides of the device is a microSD slot and a USB-C port for charging. Unfortunately, the company did not mention the size of the toy camera’s built-in battery.

Image: Kenko Tokina

For photography enthusiasts, the quality you’ll get from the Kenko Tokina Pieni II is downright unimpressive. However, keep in mind that the camera is meant to be a novelty item rather than a full-fledged camera. Plus, you have to admit, it does make for a cute gift.

So how much does the toy camera cost? According to Kenko Tokina, the new Pieni II is priced at JPY 4,880 (~RM 154) for the standard release, while the Sanrio Character versions are available for JPY 6,580 (~RM 208). So far, there’s no word on a local launch but you could choose to import the latter variant for RM 290 via Shopee.

(Source: Kenko Tokina [official website], via Petapixel)

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