Epic Games Store To Undergo Redesign; More Features To Be Added Soon

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While Valve may be redesigning its Steam Store, it’s not the only digital distributor that is doing so – Epic Games is also redesigning its store. More importantly, it’s planning on adding missing features that would effectively make it more comparable to the current market leader.


Besides an overhaul of its layout, Epic Games will also add cloud saving and installation management to its digital store, as well as improve upon the sizes of its DLC and patches over the next three months. Four to six months out,  Epic Games will then add developer opt-in user reviews.

Beyond that, the Epic Games Store will be adding achievements, multi-game sales, a loyalty program of sorts, and a social overhaul.

There are additional parameters that Epic Games wishes to integrate into its Store, and sooner rather than later. These include automated refunds, gifting, and support for more languages. Unsurprisingly the brand is also trying to  figure out ways to prevent review bombing, as well as add support for bundle price adjustment, mod support, and news feeds.

All these are pretty important features that are currently still missing from the Epic Games Store. While it’s good to see that the parent company has a roadmap for their implementation, the absence of these features still contributes to Steam remaining as the preferred digital games storefront.

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(Source: Variety)

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Huawei P30 Series Singapore Launch

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Huawei has only several more days before the grand unveiling of its new P30 series smartphones, but with so much information about the phone leaked online in the last month, it’s hard to get excited about it. To top it off, the latest tweet by serial leakster Evan Blass (@evleaks) actually lists down and confirms several more features of the P30 series.


The link provided in Blass’ tweak is already dead, but thanks to another quick-witted Twitter user, he was able to recover the original copy via the Wayback Machine. The post contains six key points about the P30 and P30 Pro, plus an official launch date for the phones in Singapore.

Thanks to the page, we now know that the phone will feature some pretty unconventional colours that “Draws inspiration from the miraculous sky”. Judging from the promotion image, it’s also likely that the brand’s iconic Twilight Purple colour will be making a comeback.

More to the point, one of the key points listed on the page confirms the presence of a main quad-camera system on the P30 Pro. Echoing what Huawei’s CEO had initially confirmed himself a little more than a month ago. Other key points also lists down the phone’s ability to perform 10x hybrid zoom, and the ability to capture pictures and record videos clearly. In low-light environments.

One feature to take notice of is Huawei’s Dual-View Video mode. According to the copy, the feature will use two rear cameras of the P30 and P30 Pro to watch the overall view of an area. At the same time, another half of the phone’s display will provide a zoomed in view of the same subject, thus giving users two different perspectives of the same scene.

The only thing missing from all this is the official pricing of the phone. It’s clear that Huawei is holding back that last bit of information for the phones’ grand launch in Paris. After all, the company still needs something to announce at its event.

(Source: Evan Blass via Twitter, Wayback Machine)


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HMD Global Under Investigation For Alleged Data Transmission To China

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HMD Global, the company that took over the Nokia brand from Microsoft, is currently being scrutinized by the Data Inspectorate of Finland. After a user discovered his Nokia 7 Plus was transmitting personal data to China.


Henrik Austad, a Nokia 7 owner was monitoring traffic from his phone. To his surprise, the device was sending unencrypted information to somewhere in China. The information being sent included the device’s location, his phone’s serial number, and SIM card number.

According to NRK, Norwegian public broadcaster, the data was sent to a Chinese server under the domain “vnet.cn”. Further investigation revealed that the domain is part of the state-owned telecommunications company, China Telecom.

HMD Global reportedly admitted to NRK that it was sending data to China, but said it was due to a software error and that the issue was resolved in a January software update. The Finnish company also claimed that the phones did not send any sensitive information that could identify owners.

Reijo Aarnio, the Finnish Ombudsman (public advocate) for Data Protection, said that he would investigate if any data breaches occurred and if legal action had to be taken. He implies that it could be a violation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, and if found guilty, HMD Global could end up with some really stiff penalties.

(Source: Digital Trends, NKR, Reuters)

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