The Penang International Jazz Festival

penang jazz festival
penang jazz festival

kicks off Thursday night on the 1st December with Sundown at The Tropical Spice Garden which opens with an Indie Night Program Featuring Liyana Fizi, Bihzhu and Asmidar & The Moustache. The event will start at 6.30pm and run until 9.30pm – Entry charge is RM10 which is inclusive of one soft drink. There will be a range of food and drink for sale for those hungry and thirsty Jazz fans so don’t worry, come to be entertained for the evening.

penang jazz festival
penang jazz festival

Located along Penang’s north-western shores, Tropical Spice Garden first opened its doors to the public in November 2003, as an ambitious, yet holistic eco-tourism project showcasing over 500 varieties of exotic fauna and flora (with an emphasis on spices), spread over 8 acres of secondary jungle.

It has now become one of Malaysia’s premier eco-tourism destinations with a number of prestigious awards under their belt, including the Gold Award – Laman Floral Garden Award, The Malaysia International Landscape & Garden Festival 2004 Merit Award and Tourism Malaysia’s ‘Best Man-Made’ tourism attraction 2005/06.

Impressed with its’ natural setting of a “jungle-like feel” with a backdrop of greenery and a fantastic view, The Festival together with Tropical Spice Garden will be introducing a new programme at the Gardens Pavilion in this year’s 8th edition of the festival.

This year’s inaugural “Sundown @ TSG” programme will be featuring three of Malaysia’s young leading “Indie” ladies – Bihzhu, Asmidar and Liyana Fizi.



From left: Asmidar & The Moustache, Bihzhu and Liyana Fizi


Liyana Fizi


Genres: Folk / Acoustic Pop


Liyana Fizi plays a mix of acoustic tunes tinged with folk, bossa, and jazz. Gaining acknowledgment for her melodic songwriting, the singer/songwriter made her first debut as one of the founding members of Malaysian indie-pop band Estrella. Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements of her music, using simplicity as the main staple.

Currently singing and playing rhythm guitar as a solo artiste since September 2009, Liyana performs with her permanent band of sessionists, and takes a vast interest in using music as an outlet for expression.





Genres: Jazz / Pop / Soul


I live to sing

For a songbird is but an instrument to express the inexplicable, the seen and unseen Music that speaks of a life worth living, a tale worth telling And that is me A nightingale I be

Formerly one-half of the popular pop-jazz band Rhapsody, Bihzhu (who used to go by Nicole Foo) has set the stage alight with her sultry vocals at venues like indie fixture Laundry Bar, the country’s best jazz bar No Black Tie, the luxurious Pangkor Laut Resort, KL Sing Song festival and the Fringe Stage at the 2006 and 2009 editions of the Penang Island Jazz Festival.

With her love for jazz, soul, reggae, acapella, world music and pop, Bihzhu meshes her musical influences and her life experiences into a light-hearted and melodic smorgasbord that shines with honesty, earnestness, beauty and love.

Her debut EP ‘Nightingale Tales’ is available from October 2011 onwards.

Play – “The Heart Way”

Play – “Easy Peasy”

Play – “Palpitations”

Play – “Tainted Temples”

Play – “A Chord Green”

Play – “Xiao Bai Chuan”



Asmidar & The moustache


Genres: Singer Songwriter / Celtic, Electric, Pop, Folk, World / (Experience it yourself)Management: amy


Asmidar Ahmad, otherwise known as Asmidar began her colourful singing career at the tender age of 12. The talented teen was invited by the RTM Orchestra to sing Malay Oldies and Traditional songs for radio air play.

Nowadays though, Asmidar is making waves as a singer songwriter, bringing the audience to a different level of music appreciation with her classic vocals and unforgettable songs. With her debut appearance in No Black Tie last year in 2010, Asmidar is known to combine Western and traditional elements in her music, with distinct pop and jazz styles in her singing.

Using a selection of acoustic and organic instruments namely Acoustic Guitar, Tabla, Trumpet, Double Bass and Accordion, Asmidar perfectly blends expression and emotion into each performance. She performs with her bandmates known as “The Moustache”, which consists of Izaad Amir, Roger, and Panjunk.

Apart from No Black Tie, Asmidar has also performed at Laundry The Curve, The National Art Gallery, The Apartment, Dataran Shah Alam, and Seremban. Asmidar’s first upcoming single “TigaEmpat” is fully self-written and arranged, and will be released in the near future.

Play – “Langit Biru”

Play – “Biri-biri Hitam (Live)”

Play – “tigaempat”

Play – “Droplets (Rainbow)”

Play – “Newly Written Poetry (Live)”