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Last September, the popular cashback reward service ShopBack disclosed that its backend system has suffered a data breach that affected users in several markets including Malaysia. Not only that, the leaked data then made its way online a few months later and forced the company to implement several drastic measures include a system-wide forced logout and password reset for certain users.

If you are concerned and wondering whether your ShopBack account is part of the leak, there is now a way to verify your status. This is thanks to the latest update that has been implemented into the popular online tool Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) which now includes more than 20 million ShopBack accounts.

drastic measures
This is how the HIBP search result looks like if your e-mail is found inside the ShopBack leaked database.

The brainchild of Australian security expert Troy Hunt, HIBP has previously covered plenty of data leaks over the years including Jobstreet and Facebook. As for the ShopBack data breach, all one need to do is insert the e-mail address that they have used to register for ShopBack into HIBP’s search engine to find out about the status of their ShopBack.

Regardless of whether your account is part of the leak or not according to the HIBP’s search result, we do recommend you to change your ShopBack password anyway. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

(Source: HIBP / Twitter. Thanks for the tips, @KevinNgTK!)

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