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Savoury cakes are an acquired taste. When we hear the word ‘cake’, what we imagine is something sweet, decadent and rich. ‘Savoury’ is the last word we would think of to describe it. However, with an open mind, savoury desserts can be delicious too. But, only when made with the correct ingredients.

When it comes to flavour, it has to be strong, not pungent but with a herb-like sweetness in the end. I would say, savoury cakes are refreshing and light, perfect as an appetiser, refresher or amuse-bouche. While most of us don’t usually prepare or have an amuse-bouche as a pre-appetiser in house parties we organized here in Malaysia, I think it is high time we bring a small part of ‘haute cuisine’ to our table but of course, with a Malaysian twist.


a) Savoury Cake Batter

  • 90g coconut milk
  • 90g milk
  • 2g of turmeric powder
  • 3g sugar
  • 3g salt
  • 75g flour, soft

b) Savoury Cake Filling

  • 5g red chillies
  • 10g chives
  • 10g shiitake mushroom
  • 10g onions, diced

c) Sambal Paste

  • 100g dried chillies
  • 10g garlic
  • 30g shallot
  • 20g dried shrimp

c) Sambal Aioli

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 30g lemon juice
  • 80g canola oil
  • 100g sambal paste


a) Savoury Cake Batter

  1. Whisk all ingredients and strain.

b) Savoury Cake Filling

  1. Dice red chillies and mushroom. Fine chopped chives.
  2. Shallow fry anchovies until crispy.
  3. Sweat red chillies and mushroom until fragrant.
  4. Mix crushed anchovies and cooked vegetables into batter.

c) Savoury Cake

  1. Bake at 150°C for 30 mins. Keep chill.

d) Sambal Paste

  1. Remove seed from dried chillies. Soak in hot water.
  2. Blend all ingredients into paste.
  3. Sweat paste until fragrant.

e) Sambal Aioli

  1. Emulsify egg yolk and oil.
  2. Whisk in lemon juice, sambal paste and adjust seasoning.

One Bite, Full of Flavours

I know that some of you might feel intimidated looking at the intricate work of the crispy crackers on top of the cake. You can actually opt out on that. What’s important is the flavour of the cake. Trust me, you will not be disappointed upon the look of pleasant surprise on your guests’ face. Sometimes, it pays to try out new things, right?

If you love this recipe and would like to try more ‘haute cuisine’ with a touch of Malaysian in it, feel free to let me know by messaging Butterkicap on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Till then, happy cooking!


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