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When BMW unveiled the all-new M3 and M4 last year, it was as if the entire internet went up in flames – not for its performance, because it is most likely ridiculously fast, but for its looks. You know what we’re talking about, the humongous “buckteeth” grille plastered onto the front fascia.

While most of us here at have already warmed up to the new looks, many online are still evidently hung up about the big change (yes, pun intended) – so much so that they’re put off from buying the new M car entirely. So what if we told you that you can get an M-level performance, on a car that doesn’t look so… funky? Allow me to introduce you to the BMW M340i xDrive.

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“Normal” never looked so good.

To most onlookers, the M340i looks just like any other BMW 3 Series – but you see, that’s actually part of its charm. The G20-generation 3 Series has always been regarded as one of the best-looking BMW in recent years, and when you strut into the office on the weekdays, nobody bats an eye because the 3-er is by all means, a very sensible choice.

The only details that somewhat hint at its performance are the larger hexagonal tailpipe exits, slightly lowered ride height, and the new mesh-design grille that is just magnificent to look at.

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