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It took three years for Horizon Zero Dawn to make the jump from PS4 to PC. The God of War reboot took just under four years. And it looks like the PS5 exclusive rogue-lite Returnal may also be making the transition to PC.

An entry on SteamDB showed up with the codename Oregon. While this is far from the name Returnal, it does come with a number of tags like bullet hell, sci-fi, female protagonist, as well as rogue-like, rogue-lite, and roguevania. Which pretty much sums up the game is all about. Then there are mentions in the changelog of the Tower of Sisyphus, Atropos and Helios, the first two being names of locations in the game, and the last one being the name of a ship.

It also helps that Returnal is among the games that showed up in the leaked Nvidia GeForce Now list. At the time, the graphics company said that games listed there were “speculative titles”, but it’s being seen in a new light as more and more games listed there got released on PC. God of War being probably the most prominent example.

God of War Nvidia GeForce Now datamine
Source: Ighor July / Medium.

All that being said, while things look like they match up so far, it’s still not confirmation that the game will indeed be released on Steam. At least, not necessarily in the near future. But if this Oregon does in fact refer to Returnal, and it becomes available this year, it would be the quickest Sony Interactive Entertainment has ported an exclusive to PC with the game only being released last year.

But as mentioned, this remains something that should be relegated to the lands of rumours and speculation. At least, until developer Housemarque or publisher PlayStation Studios reveal more information in an official capacity regarding this.

(Source: SteamDB via PC Gamer)

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