There’s nothing better on a holiday than to completely relax with a massage and treatment at a spa. The best hotels have spa facilities built into them but are often quite costly. Sometimes the pain of drawing that much cash out of your wallet can counteract the pleasure of the treatment.

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Garden Courtyard
Lone Pine Hotel outsources spa services to Pure Energy Spa. While by no means a budget experience, prices are however reasonable enough (particularly in comparison to large hotels in the area) to enable a visit without elevating the blood pressure too much with thoughts of the empty space in our pocket.
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Waiting Area
The spa benefits from a private courtyard outlook onto Lone Pine Hotel’s colonial yet contemporary landscaping and architecture.  A simple lounge is where tea is taken before beginning a session. A few select pieces of antique furniture and a lamp, adorn polished cement floors. The simplicity of the design and spa scent radiating from the oil burner, speak instant calm.
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Ginger Tea
Treatment areas are on either side of a long hallway. To the right, cushiony relaxation chairs, looking out to the private garden, are separated by shoji dividers and given warmth with soft lamps. To the left, Japanese slidingfusuma doors hide massage beds. Fabric drapes from the ceiling cocooning guests into the comfort zone. Rooms hold a simple wardrobe and toilet facilities are not far away in the hall.
Couple’s Treatment Room
Massages, facials, scrubs, wraps, waxing, hand and foot care of all types make up the menu. We tried the signature massage, the Purity Special. Available for durations of 60, 75, 90 and 120 minutes, prices for this treatment begin at RM145 for the hour and RM275 for two hours. Claiming to be “relaxing and therapeutic for those aches and pains in the body and mind,” the slight mystery of the description had us wanting to give it a go.
Changed into our disposable underwear and lying facing down on the massage bed, we were impressed before the therapist even entered the room. The bed was heated! A heated under-blanket gently warmed the bed, soothing our fronts. Additional comfort was brought about too with the design of the bed. The hole for the face was actually built into the main frame. For some reason this was more agreeable than the type that have the headrest as an extension.
The session began with some deep breathing with the scent of peppermint to help ease the mind into the treatment. A non-scented Moon Glow oil from Thailand provided a velvety texture, just right to lubricate hands, but not too much to feel sticky.
The therapists used long deep strokes with extra concentration on the stress points of the back and shoulders to give a full body massage. Once our bodies were loosened up a little, a light stretching of legs, backs, necks and upper body was involved too.
Both hubby and I are regular massage fiends and prefer strong (not painful) pressure to really push out the tightness in our muscles. Our masseuses did an expert job, not only in technique but too in reading our reaction to apply more pressure when needed.
Pure Energy Spa’s goal, to make guests “leave with a smile on” their face, was more than met in this case. After such a pleasant experience, we will for sure check out some of the spas they run in Kuala Lumpur.
Reason to visit: reasonably priced treatments compared to other hotels in the area, Purity Special massage
Pure Energy Spa
Lone Pine Hotel
97 Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang
+61 04 886 8511