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Rapid KL owner Prasarana Malaysia Berhad today launched the Mystery Shopper Programme (MSP). Despite its name, the initiative aims to improve its bus and rail services through feedback provided by users of the public transport system operator via its MyRapid PULSE mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

During the launch today, transport minister Wee Ka Siong explained that MSP’s goal is to get transparent views from passengers while using Rapid’s bus and rail services. User experience is the main emphasis of this initiative and is also the catalyst for wider public transport adoption, he added.

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The programme is an extension of the Readiness and Standby Audit Committee (AKSES), a self-audit by station managers, and will be implemented in 147 train stations and bus hubs nationwide. The audit itself focuses on cleanliness, lighting, facilities, signage, condition of lifts and escalators, and the ease of access. Wee adds that the first AKSES review conducted last year concluded that 74% of train stations were considered to be in good condition, with a score of 2.82 out of 3.


The Mystery Shopper Programme is accessible via the MyRapid PULSE App, though keep in mind that the ability to provide feedback is technically not available to everyone. Instead, the initiative will randomly select app users for participation, hence the “mystery” part of its name. 

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Neither the transport minister nor Prasarana revealed why this approach was chosen for the programme but for what it’s worth, users now have the ability to provide their feedback to the public transport operator directly. An addition that is much appreciated, given that train services have recently been experiencing several mishaps which has led to long wait times, crowded platforms, and others. Hopefully, Rapid KL will consider expanding the ability to leave feedback to more of its PULSE app users in the near future.

(Source: Malay Mail)

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