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Razer has recently announced that Project Hazel, its RGB-equipped N95 mask concept, has been christened with a new name: the Razer Zephyr. Along with this, the company also showcased the new product which now sports a slight redesign from the original prototype that was unveiled during CES 2021.

The mask is now more rounded than the original, and its Chroma-enhanced RGB lights are now situated on the edges of the filter. There’s also a new grille on the chin area, which could be an additional vent or a speaker system to aid voice amplification. Unfortunately, Razer did not provide any further information on the potential improvements included on the newly introduced Zephyr mask. Regardless, the new look would definitely delight cyberpunk enthusiasts and cosplayers alike.


There’s also a chance that the redesign and additions are still a work in progress, as the company has announced a public beta test for the new mask. Razer noted that it is seeking valuable feedback from testers across the globe in order to implement further improvements to the Zephyr, which will likely be carried forward to a finalised version of the product.

Those interested can sign up for the beta via Razer’s official website. Aside from your name, country of origin and email address, you are also required to provide the company with your social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and state the reason for joining the Zephyr beta test. It is suggested that approved applicants will receive a single unit of the mask for testing purposes.

With that, it appears it will still take some time until the new Razer Zephyr will be available for purchase. That being said, Razer did not provide any information for the new product’s expected price range or launch window. Let’s just hope that the Zephyr will still be relevant by the time the company has finalised its design and features in the near future.

(Source: Razer [Official website] [Twitter])

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