The Star has just let its readers know about a little secret – there is a stunning new coffee table book which is out and which tells all about old Penang.

It is a commissioned piece, by the international Real Estate Federation and this may give a clue as to the intended purpose of the book.

Can you guess?

It is aimed at investors to boost interest in the State.

A Penang Heritage Tale, as the book is titled, tells readers all about significant characters in the area, whether or not well-known and also all about hidden and unknown destinations.

It also aims to cover life in old Penang as an enticing taster of the area.

In addition, however, it is also possible to find out all about local conferences, seminars, forums and workshops in real estate.

The book was written by Helen Ong and she wanted to create a period in the history of the area – perhaps around the mid-1950s – with the inclusion of some forgotten information too, to add value and interest in her book.

This is a well-timed publication. George Town, together with Malacca, has recently achieved UNESCO World Heritage Site status to acknowledge its qualities.

When can we get our hands on this new book?

It is to be printed in the autumn, in October and it is intended to be circulated during the annual Malaysia Property award dinner.

Of course, this is a suitable initial outlet for the book, given its intended audience and purpose.