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Lebuh Carnarvon (Carnarvon Street) in George Town, Penang is an intriguing place to grab a drink and a meal with a string of cafe and restaurant openings. Recently, the Pallet Garden Cafe had its soft opening in the neighbourhood. The spacious non-air-conditioned cafe has wooden pallet furnishings throughout the shop, giving the whole place a natural, casual feel.

Diners can order at the counter and dine in the ground floor indoor or outdoor dining area, or in the upper floor with a view of the bustling street below.

Pallet Garden Cafe is a place of simple cooking, offering only savory bowl of noodles, and Ko Zha Bi dishes along with a lengthy beverage list. Beverage selections include fruit juices, local kopi, teh tarik, bottled beer, and canned drinks. For something refreshing, go for the ambra with sour plum.

The short simple menu composed of DD Noodles, Bak Ki soup (pork meat soup) and Pork Lard Rice is accompanied with a selection of three different chili sauces.

The DD Mee with a ‘spa’ egg (soft egg white and creamy yolk) comes with a choice of Spicy Fried Chicken, Original Fried Chicken or Turmeric Fried Chicken. A popular choice is the Spicy Fried Chicken – proved to be surprisingly hot yet tasty.

Pallet Garden Cafe Penang

  Spicy Fried Chicken DD Mee RM11.90

When penchant is for Ko Zha Bi classic dishes, you have a choice of Pork Lard Rice and Bak Ki Soup. Pork Lard Rice is a simple dish, in which white rice is drizzled with pork lard and soy sauce. Accompanied by a ‘spa’ egg, it holds its own tasty standard. Accompaniment of chili sauce gives the pork lard rice a rather addictive flavour.

Pork Lard Rice RM4.50

Bak Ki Soup is a warm and comfort pork broth combining the subtle sweetness of clams. The dish with a good portion of tender meat, vegetable, and few clams comes with a bowl of rice. If you’re not into rice, feel free to substitute it with either mi sua or yellow mee.

Bak Ki Soup with rice RM11.90

On the snack choice, there is the Lady Fingers (okra). This simple veggie dish comes with a spicy sambal belacan. For something more adventurous, do try the Spicy Chicken Claw. It is no doubt a welcoming dish with punchy garlicky notes and hit of spiciness that tingles on the taste bud. Braised tender, the claws are easy to chew.

Ladies Finger RM8

Spicy Chicken Claw RM8

With its opening hours from 2pm till 12 am, you can drop by when you are in the mood for a late lunch, teatime, dinner, and supper. The eatery is open six days a week (closed on Mondays).

Pallet Garden Cafe
89 Carnarvon Street
10100 Georgetown

Tel: 014- 9011130

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