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Hey there! How is your breakfast like on a daily basis? Do you prefer going for a bowl of simple, no-fuss cereal with milk or do you prefer the classic breakfast with Coffee? If you’re the latter then good news because OO White Coffee is now delivering their coffee and egg tarts to Mainland Penang, and Kedah!

OO White Coffee Now Delivers To Mainland Penang And Kedah

If you’ve ever had a meal at OO White Coffee, then this place needs no further introduction. Serving classic breakfast items like hand-brewed white coffee, crispy egg tarts, and fluffy steamed bread, the mere mention of the food here is enough to makes us drool.

OO White Coffee Delivery
Photo: @oowhitecoffeecafe (Facebook)

For fans of OO White Coffee residing in Mainland Penang or even in Kedah, you can now satiate your craving for their egg tarts and coffee. Why? Because OO White Coffee is now open for delivery over to Mainland and Kedah!

OO White Coffee Delivery
Photo: @adrianjusteat (Instagram)

Check out the fixed schedule as follows:

Monday: Bertam and Sungai Petani

Tuesday: Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: Sungai Petani

Friday: Kulim and Alor Setar

Saturday: Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam

For delivery, foodies will be able to enjoy OO White Coffee’s signature hand-brewed coffee (White Coffee, Yuan Yang, Cocoa, and more) as well as some freshly baked egg tarts (Portuguese, Coconut, and Original).

OO White Coffee Delivery
Photo: @lovefood.lovelife_ (Instagram)
OO White Coffee Delivery
Image: @oowhitecoffeecafe (Facebook)
OO White Coffee Delivery
Photo: @oowhitecoffeecafe (Facebook)

Ready For Egg Tarts And Coffee!

As for the delivery fee, it will be RM10 flat rate according to the fixed schedule. Do take note that no minimum order is required. So time to place your order!

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