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Ferrari has just unveiled the Ferrari SP51, a new one-off roadster based on the Ferrari 812 GTS. The one-off Ferrari is designed for a Taiwan-based client who is one of the brand’s leading collectors. Responsible for its design is the Ferrari Styling Centre headed by Flavio Manzoni. Entirely bespoke, the SP51 has been crafted to the specifications of the client.

Being based on the Ferrari 812 GTS, a V12 engine sits under the hood. The front-engine layout and chassis are also from the 812 GTS. The V12 puts out 800 hp and 718 Nm with 80% of the maximum torque available at just 3,500 rpm. Power is passed through a seven-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels.

On the outside, the most striking characteristic of the SP51 is its complete lack of a roof. Ferrari says this makes it an authentic roadster in every aspect, with captivating visuals and an en plein air driving exhilaration.

The aerodynamics of the SP51 were honed via processes involving computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, wind tunnel testing, and dynamic testing. Even without a roof, Ferrari guarantees ultimate comfort in the cabin and the same standard of acoustic comfort and wind feel as the 812 GTS.

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To give the SP51 an instantly recognizable identity, it gets specially-designed headlights and SP51-specific wheels. The wheels have carbon fibre wing profiles on each of the spokes which also feature a sophisticated tone-on-tone diamond-cut finish on the forward-facing section.

The rear of the car is dominated by an arched theme with the taillights inset below the spoiler. Behind the cabin are two flying buttresses that are visually softened by two deep carbon-fibre scoops. Connecting the two buttresses is a transverse carbon-fibre wing. The one-off SP51 is finished in a new Rosso Passionale three-layer paintwork that has been specially developed for it.

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As for the cabin, the personalisation pivoted around two ideas – to use the custom Rosso Passionale colour for the Alcantara trim and to extend the livery into the cabin. The white and blue stripes can be seen on the central tunnel, the fascia between the two seats on the firewall, and the steering wheel stitching.

Glossy carbon-fibre trim has been extensively used in the interior and it is paired with Nero Momo Opaco elements. There are also several white embroidered details including the Prancing Horse and car logo, which is also found on the lower rim of the steering wheel.

The Ferrari SP51 is part of Ferrari’s Special Projects programme which aims to create unique Ferraris (the so-called “One-Offs”) characterised by an exclusive design crafted according to the requirements of the client, who thus becomes the owner of a one-of-a-kind model.


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