megamind thumbs up

Let me start by saying I love Movies. I enjoy the element of the story, the atmosphere of the cinema and the thrill of seeing other people enjoying themselves.

It stems from my childhood when we would queue on a Saturday morning with hundreds of other screaming kids to see Saturday Morning Pictures at the local Odeon Cinema. In those days Cinemas equaled Theaters for their grandeur. In fact we called them Theaters.

3-d megamind movie

As Movies have become available in either CD formats or downloadable from internet shops such as Amazon the magic, to some extent, has eroded. That is until I decided to take my niece to see Megamind at the Island Plaza last week. It was my first experience of a 3-D movie and it certainly was eye-opening in more than one respect.

I have been wondering where the future of Cinema was going to be and discovered it with 3-D movies. This is something that cannot be replicated, at the moment, in the home. If you haven't been to a 3-D Movie yet please give it a try soon, it really is worth the effort.

We went to a 5.50 pm showing on a Saturday night expecting it to be packed to the rafters. In fact the theater was not even a quarter full. Maybe it was the time of the event but to me Saturday early evening for a 'U' certificate movie would have been a full-house event.

The Island Plaza wcinemax could not be faulted for prices, accessibility or comfort. The ticketing staff were helpful and efficient and the ushers friendly and connected.

Why it was not busier I cannot fathom. Perhaps, like me they couldn't see the need to visit the cinema when they can buy the DVD later – Trust me, take your kids to a 3-D movie to gain the thrill of the theater, it is worth the effort.