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Back in May, we saw reports of the PS5 possibly getting a hardware redesign. Then in the same month, we saw the console getting registered with a new wireless module. One of those (likely the latter) may have just entered our shores, as it has appeared in SIRIM’s database.

The discovery was made by SIRIM database observer Kevin Ng TK, who shared the discovery on Twitter. Naturally, there’s no mention of the PS5 directly. But from the screenshot provided in the tweet, we can see two models labeled “video game console” registered to Sony Malaysia. And they bear the model numbers of CFI-1118A and CFI-1118B.

The CFI looks to be the designation for the PS5 console, with the A or B suffixes denoting the disc or Digital Editions, respectively. And CFI-1118A is very close to the CFI-1115A that we saw back in late May. This likely means that the models coming in are the ones with the newer wireless module. As for the 1118 and 1115, it’s likely down to regional variants with no real difference beyond that.

Sony Malaysia CFI SIRIM

We can see this in the model numbers of the current batch of PS5 consoles in SIRIM. These have the model numbers of CFI-1018A and CFI-1018B, as opposed to the CFI-1015A and CFI-1015B model numbers for other markets. Incidentally, the PS5 used in our unboxing is designated CFI-1018A.

Of course, there’s no discounting the possibility of this being the one with the new CPU either. But judging from the previous two reports, it does seem more likely that this denotes the new wireless module than the new CPU. But we wouldn’t know for sure until Sony Malaysia makes an official announcement.

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