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Mobile games developer Netmarble worked with Marvel Entertainment for the Future Fight mobile title. Now the two companies have announced a new mobile game, called Marvel Future Revolution. And as far as mobile titles go, this game looks to be pretty large in scale.

On the surface, Marvel Future Revolution is touted as an open world title. Which is pretty ambitious for a mobile game, to say the least. The central plot sees the phenomenon called the Convergence, which sees the multiverses colliding with each other.

Marvel Future Revolution 5

This serves as the explanation for multiple copies of the same heroes appearing in the same space during multiplayer segments. And there are a few, which are touted as end-game content. One PvP mode sees two teams of 10 players duke it out against each other. Another is a PvPvE mode that hosts up to 50 players at the same time.


Marvel Future Revolution 3

To help players make their superhero choice stand out is the customisation system. Reps from Marvel and Netmarble said that there will be costumes from the many different source materials that the heroes have appeared in. But rather than just pick a costume and go with it, you can pick specific parts of each costume for a unique look.

Marvel Future Revolution 4

For now, Marvel Future Revolution does not yet have a specific release date beyond a vague second half of the year. But you can pre-register so that you’re notified when that happens, for both Android and iOS. It’s a free-to-play title, but what’s the monetisation strategy like remains to be seen.

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