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A netizen recently paid a visit to Zoo Negara Malaysia and shared his devastating experience on Facebook. The condition of animals looked so under-maintained it’s heartbreaking.

Netizen Shared Photos of Zoo Negara Malaysia and It Looks So Under-Maintained:

+6018-233 1200
Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

A netizen recently paid a visit to Zoo Negara Malaysia, the experience was so bad he decided to share it on Facebook. From the photos he shared, the condition of the sanctuary looked very unkept, and animals are living in a poor environment.

Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)
Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

He disclosed that there was already a crowd at 10 a.m. on a weekday, but what he experienced was far from satisfactory. Half of the air conditioners malfunctioned, staffs were nowhere to be seen, and there were litters everywhere.

Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)
Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

What broke our hearts was the condition of the animals. Waters in the aquariums are murky and dirty, to a point marine creatures can barely be seen. Penguins are living off dirty waters full of moss.

Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)
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Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

The worst part is, what supposed to be an endangered species, The Malayan Tiger looks so skinny and malnourished.

Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

We really hope the authorities could step in to help these poor animals. We’re writing this not because we want to bash on Zoo Negara Malaysia, but in hopes that each and every one of us could offer a little help to them.

Zoo Negara Malaysia
Photo: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

Though previously the sanctuary did encourage the public for donation and adoption, we think more effort is needed to continue to run the place. So, If you’re keen to offer any form of help, we’ll link down the details below. We do wish that you guys can share this out so that more people are aware of the current condition of Zoo Negara Malaysia. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

To contribute:

Link: Zoo Negara Official Website
Contact:+6018-233 1200

Source: Kinz Lai (Facebook)

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