Nation’s Barbecue, a newly opened Charcoal Barbecue-concept restaurant which opened its doors few days ago. Situated at Trengganu Road, directly opposite to Sin Lai Lai (新来来) Hawker Center, Nation’s Barbecue should be quite eye-catchy due to its iconic location- facing the bustling Trengganu Road.

Nations Barbecue Penang
Nations Barbecue Penang

The unpretentious and no frills restaurant serves a la carte barbecue (no minimum orders required), using their carefully chosen “smoke-less” charcoal, they ought to give diners a comfortable yet relaxing dining experience.

Wifi is available and there is an air-conditioned room for the heat-intolerant too.

While the foods were not out-of-the-world-good, they were simple and straight-forward; the experience was pleasingly comforting especially with a few closer friends around. It is indeed a wonderful life moment to enjoy all these with friends. Since they (Nation’s Barbecue) are very new, more choices and dishes will be added to the menu soon in the future.

Nation’s Barbecue believes in the natural flavors of their ingredients, hence, they are not marinated with bold flavors. Diners are encouraged to add on any condiments they prefer, for instance, Salt/ Pepper or Shichimi/ Japanese Seven Flavor Chili Pepper or even Yakiniku Sauce.

Beef, Lamb and Pork will never go out of fashion, Nation’s Barbecue has an array of choices for meat lovers to choose from, even innards for those with exotic taste buds. Seafood, however, will be made available shortly over the next 2 weeks.

Nation Barbecue On Penang - Smell\'s So Good!
Nation Barbecue On Penang – Smell’s So Good!

With more than 30 choices available currently, there are more than sufficient choices to satiate your cravings for barbecue meat. Nation’s Barbecue is still seeking for more choices to be added to their menu. Some of my favorites of the night were Octopus, Beef, Enoki Mushrooms and Aubergine.

Those baby Octopus were gone within minutes, juicy with a little resilient, even better with their sweet-spicy home-made sauce to amp up the flavor.

If you prefer something healthier, do try their Zucchini, Aubergine or Shitake Mushrooms, lightly sprinkle on some Salt and Pepper will do the trick. Very simple, straight-forward and down to earth flavors. Best to go with a can of icy cold beer.

Another worth-mentioning ingredient will be Marshmallows. Lightly brown and heat the sweets up will result in a soft and silky smooth texture which melts immediately the moment it enters into your mouth. Those with a sweet-tooth would not want to miss these.

Complimentary home-made sweet dipping sauce (with Sour Plum sauce, Chili Sauce etc) will be given though I would prefer a dipping sauce with a sourish tinge. Additional order of Yakiniku/ Japanese Barbecue Sauce will be charged accordingly.

Additional Information:
Address: 80-T, Jalan Trengganu, 10460, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 6pm to 2am. Opens daily.
Contact Number: 604- 281 3784
Wifi: Yes
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No