Steve and I were in heated discussion and brainstorming mode the other day. We were debating the Chief Minister’s desired ‘No Car Sunday’ policy.

What a great way to help preserve the beautiful environment of Penang, especially in Georgetown. Imagine a day without cars, where you can freely walk and soak up the colour, aroma’s and vibrancy of this very special city.

I grew up with Car-less Days and know the real difference they can make, and Steve, on one of his many trips to Bangkok, discovered that this city of Angels and smog had a brilliant tourist attraction that was FREE. Multiple collection and drop off points for a city-centrewide bicycle campaign for tourists to use to get about from one attraction to the other. What a gem – convenience, cost-effective (very), fun and healthy at the same time.

Free to use and abundant one never needed to worry about how they would get from one location to the other. It was the Greenest thing Steve had ever seen in Thailand, Brilliant!!!

Now with the CM’s policy of ‘No Car Sundays’, wouldn’t it be nice if George Town introduced a similar FREE service to tourists and locals alike, so that they could enjoy the city free from pollution and noise and congestion and get fit and healthy at the same time?whats-on-penang-My-Two-Cents-to-save-enviroment-1

Turning back the clock a little has some amazing outcomes, and this would certainly give Penang a unique edge on helping the environmental cause.

Just imagine the beauty of seeing Georgetown at a slower pace, taking time to see the buildings, people, daily Georgetown life, without fear of other cars on the road and fast moving motorists. An opportune and fun way to enjoy Georgetown.

Well, we love the idea. What about you?