There are literally countless of heritage cafes sprouting out in the bustling roads of Georgetown recently and here comes another new one- Moustache Houze. Helmed by two pretty ladies, Moustache Houze has opened its door for less than 2 weeks and the place has been flooded with crowd since then. The iconic location of Moustache Houze makes it very easy to be found even by non-locals; it is situated towards the end of Campbell Street, Penang. This humble cafe has a very cozy and homely ambiance, with a twist of their own funky interior design as well as a mural paint painted on the wall of their cafe which has since then, became one of the landmarks of the cafe. The cafe serves cakes and beverages at the moment but they will be coming out with more and more to offer in the future, told by one of the partners.

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This is the Espresso Ice Cubes with Fresh Milk (Rm 12.90). Freshly brewed Espresso will be chilled into ice cubes and served separately with the fresh milk. No sugar will be added to the Espresso, hence, the drink will be slightly bitter in taste. A rather unique way of serving their Espresso.

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Not a fan of Coffee? No worries. Try their fruity flavored Soda drink. There are 3 choices available in total- Kiwi, Strawberry and Pineapple, all three being priced at Rm 11.90 respectively. All fruity flavored ice cubes were made of freshly blended fruit juices and no sugar will be added. Sprite was used instead of the normal plain Soda, hence, the drink will be slightly sweet. I would definitely prefer the unsweetened Soda over Carbonated drinks. Nevertheless, it was a very refreshing drink to quench one’s thirst. 

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The left one is Cappucino – Rm 9.90 while the right one is Hot Chocolate – Rm 9.90.

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All imported from Johor, their Mille Crepe Cakes are some noteworthy choices, we get to sample their Neapolitan Crepe Cake which comes in three different layers, Oreo Crepe Cake and Hazelnut Crepe Cake. All the Crepe Cakes are priced at Rm 10.90 respectively. The cakes were decent but what impresses me further was the way of serving. All their Crepe Cakes will be chilled till icy cold before serving to their customers, Crepe Cakes tend to be mushy and lacked of texture when served warm. They did a very good job in terms of covering the weakness of Crepe Cakes. Out of the three flavors, Hazelnut Crepe Cake seemed to be my favorite, with the right texture, the cake was creamy but without cloying sweetness; perfectly complementing my cup of coffee. Other flavors available are Chocolate Mint, Hokkaido Milk etc…..

The left one is  Red Velvet Cake (Rm 11.90). The right one is Chocolate Walnut (Rm 11.90) and most recommended for Chocolate lovers.

One should not miss their Tiramisu (Rm 11.90) which apparently one of their best sellers too. The cake has successfully resonated among the few of us, it was not too rich nor sweet, beautifully sandwiched with layers of fluffy sponge, along with some crispy nuts topped.


Moustache Houze is situated at Address: 24, Campbell Street, 10100, Georgetown, Penang. Business Hour is from 4:30pm to 10pm daily. The contact number is 604- 262 2228.