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In response to feedback from local people and businesses, and following the roaring success of our website over the last year or so, ‘What’s On Penang’ monthly magazine will be launched in print format early in the New Year.

‘What’s On Penang’ is a new, free to read, magazine dedicated to promoting life on Penang.

Focusing on the abundance of great things that we Penangites are so fortunate to have on our doorstep, ‘What’s On Penang’ will be helping tourists and local residents to get the most out of our beautiful island.

Content is King, they say! Our goal is to provide a minimum of 60% of each publication as high-interest content; offering an abundance of highly-informative articles on relavant subjects. The other 40% will be high quality colour artwork or photographs.

All pages will be on a minimum of 95g high gloss art paper to emphasise the high standards of presentation and content that we will establish as our trademark.

Packed with quality content, we will be providing an entertaining magazine, covering a local Events calendar, combining up to date information on What’s On, When It’s On and Where to Find It, with general lifestyle features, competitions, and local news & happenings.

Unique to ‘What’s On Penang’, will be the interaction between the print magazine and our online presence. Enabling us to take advantage of modern multi media presentation techniques, the print magazine will also be available from our website in a truly exciting and user-friendly format. Imagine a magazine that can talk to you, can show you videos and animated presentations, imagine ‘What’s On Penang’.

This online presence allows us to stay in touch with visitors long after they have returned home. Our monthly newsletter goes out to a double opt-in mailing list of over 6,000.

Over 80% of people planning a trip to Penang will do their research online as to where to stay, where to dine and what to see.

Distribution of ‘What’s On Penang’ will be through a selection of diverse locations to ensure we get in front of our targeted audience. Penang International Airport, Penang Port , premium shopping malls, 4 and 5 star hotels, major tourist attractions, locaol bars clubs and restaurants.

‘What’s On Penang’ Magazine would like to invite you to join us in promoting Penang and your business effectively to a worldwide audience:

  • High quality content on high quality glossy paper – presenting your business and enhancing your image
  • Targeted distribution plan – get in front of the right people
  • Online edition with unique multi media format – leverage modern presentation techniques to get your message across
  • Charter initial launch offers – great value locked in, ask for more details
  • Competitive pricing – we want to make this something you cannot afford to miss out on
Find out now why everyone is talking about ‘What’s On Penang’ and our fresh approach to getting you more customers, spending more money, more often.
Call Steve on 014-345-1192 or email on to arrange a chat to find out more about our Charter Marketing packages.

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