Why Should I Advertise?


Sell More Products/Services

It’s not rocket science, you want to advertise so you can sell more and make more money. Advertising let’s you show prospective buyers why they should be doing business with you as opposed to the nice business around the corner. You need to let them know what makes you different.

Get Your Message Across – USP

Establish your Unique Selling Points (USP’s), and you are giving your prospective clients/customers the very reason why they should be spending their money with you and not someone else.What can you do differently for them that your competitors cannot? Get the message across!

Increase Your Brand Recognition

Your business name or your product is your brand. It is not only globally known products/names that are brands. By promoting your business you are promoting a unique image (your brand) so that people recognize who and what you represent. You need to stand out for all the right reasons.

Keep Them Happy and Keep Them Coming Back

Getting a new client/customer is only part of the battle. Keeping them and building their Lifetime Value to your business is just as important.In today’s competitive market place it is more important to understand the relevance of the information you build through your customer and inquirer lists. Most businesses do not know how or have the time to structure their advertising to generate this information. With our marketing packages we will not only do this for you, but use it to drive your customers, to spend more money, more often with you. We will organize coupon promotions and campaigns on your behalf to maxmize your advertising spend.

Better InformedMake Better Decisions

By advertising with ‘What’s On Penang’ you will have access to our in-house consumer information database. We are able to design and conduct polls and surveys on your behalf and generate feedback from our readers, that enables you to make better informed business decisions based on actual consumer likes, needs and desires.

You Cannot Afford To Get Left Behind

In today’s highly competitive market, to stand still is to go backwards.With the introduction of our Charter Advertising Promotions, we are determined to make ‘What’s On Penang’ an advertising and marketing opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

Find out now why everyone is talking about ‘What’s On Penang’ and our fresh approach to getting you more customers, spending more money, more often.
Call Steve on 014-345-1192 or email on steve@whatsonpenang.com to arrange a chat to find out more about our Charter Marketing packages.

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