Why Advertise With ‘What’s On Penang’?


Great Value for Money

Our pricing, our range of services, our eagerness to go the extra mile, all confirm our commitment to delivering great value for money. We work with you to ensure you get  a great return on your martketing investment.

Multiple Format Advertising

In today’s competitive market, you need that extra edge to stay ahead. With ‘What’s On Penang’ you are able to reach your target market in high quality, glossy print. But you are also able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art multi-media formats. Think high-definition video, crystal clear audio advertising and dynamic animated visual delivery of your marketing message! Now think of the extra impact and effectiveness of delivering to all of your target’s senses. Why settle for less?

Penang Based

We are Penang based and proud of it! Between us, our team have collectively over 60 years of cutting-edge marketing experience in the European and Asian markets. Using that experience and knowledge we.help you get the most out of your marketing activity. We work together with you to ensure the only result possible is Success. Success with a capital S!

Forward-Thinking Innovative Marketing

You know you need more customers. You know you need to get your message across to more potential buyers to achieve that. But how, when you have have so many  competitors? We’ll show you how, by thinking outside of the box, you can stand out from the crowd. That’s what we are here to help you do, get your message across in fresh and exciting ways!

Results Orientated

It’s not rocket-science, if you don’t see results from the money you spend with us, then no matter how nice we really are ( and we are really nice!) we are probably not going to see you stay with us for very long! So we work our socks off to make sure you stay with us. We pull out all the stops, cover all the bases, so that you can concentrate on what you do best; running your business.

You Really Matter To Us

You see we understand that without you we don’t have a business at all! We work hard to establish a relationship with all of our clients and we work equally hard to keep that relationship fruitfull, inspiring. and mutually beneficial. Ask about our Charter Marketing packages to see what that actually means. Great packages at great prices!

Find out now why everyone is talking about ‘What’s On Penang’ and our fresh approach to getting you more customers, spending more money, more often.
Call Steve on 014-345-1192 or email on steve@whatsonpenang.com to arrange a chat to find out more about our Charter Marketing packages.

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