PENANG: Rosli Mohd Saad is excited of his recent catch – a strange-looking sea creature with horns which he caught while fishing in the coastal waters off Sungai Pinang here recently.
The avid angler said he casted  the fishing net to catch fish fries as baits in the sea near Penang Bridge and was surprised the find the live fish.

He said it looked like a cross between a toad, a puffer fish and a sea horse.
About the size of ping-pong ball, it is greenish-yellow in colour and has a grandular and scaly body like a toad, and a snout-like mouth resembling a sea horse.
The most oustanding feature of the creature was the spikes or horns, like in a puffer fish, on its head and tail. They are sharp and about one-centimeter long. 
Rosli said it was a fish since it has gills on both sides of the face.
“This is the first time I have ever caught a strange creature from the sea.
“I want to bring it to the Fisheries Department to identify the creature. Until then, I want to keep and feed it in a special aquarium,” he said.