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Those who work with a computer daily know all too well the cramps, fatigue, pronation, and supination that are afflicted to your wrist, using a mouse all day. One solution to the problems? Ergonomic mice. They’re designed to minimise muscle strain and discomfort to the hand and wrist with their shape and vertical ergonomic mice take it to a whole other level — all to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Logitech recently launched another vertical ergonomic mouse called the Lift, which is a smaller and slightly cheaper follow-up to the MX Vertical released in 2018. It’s my first time with an ergonomic mouse and in my short time with it, I can say that I definitely won’t be going back to my regular mouse.

What Is It?

Logitech Lift vertical ergonomic mouse

Just like it says in its name, the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is slanted vertically and places your hand at a 57° angle, which the company claims is the “natural handshake position” that puts less pressure on your wrist so you can use it comfortably for longer periods. The back half of the device is covered in a textured rubber grip and it even includes a thumb rest.

It has a total of six buttons comprised of left-click and right-click buttons, a middle button, back and forward buttons positioned where the thumbs are, and a scroll wheel with a middle click. The switchable DPI ranges from 400 to 4000 with 100 DPI increments. The mouse runs on a single AA battery and Logitech claims it can last up to 24 months before you have to put in a fresh battery. Both the battery and the included Logi Bolt USB receiver are kept in the bottom compartment, which has a neat magnetic lid.

The Logitech Lift can connect to devices either through Bluetooth or the receiver. The mouse can be connected to a maximum total of three different devices using either of the methods and seamlessly switches between them using a button on the bottom. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, iPadOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android.

Is It Any Good?

Logitech Lift vertical ergonomic mouse

Those who are new to the form factor, like me, will find it a bit weird to hold at first but it didn’t take me that long to get used to it — it felt natural to me after just a day. Granted, the mouse is a bit heavier than what I’m used to but overall, the weight didn’t slow me down.

The left and right-click buttons, as well as the scroll wheel, are silent which is perfect for an office environment and it honestly feels more comfortable scrolling from a slanted angle. I’ve personally never suffered any major wrist pain from using any mice, but with the Logitech Lift, it was a noticeable improvement in terms of fatigue from using it the entire day.


What really ties the whole thing together is the Logi Options+ software. Through Options, you can remap almost all the buttons, aside from the left and right-click buttons, with practically any action you can think of, as well as custom keyboard shortcuts. You can also set the pointer speed, scrolling direction, scrolling speed, and whether to turn on horizontal scrolling by using the scroll wheel and the thumb buttons at the same time, which is a useful feature.

The personalisation doesn’t stop there, as you can also set the app to automatically switch the buttons to different functions based on specific apps. The app also enables Logi Flow, which allows you to move the cursor between two connected computers and transfer text, images, and files by just copying and pasting.

The Bad Stuff. Tell Me.

Logitech Lift vertical ergonomic mouse

While the rubber grip makes it comfortable to hold and move around, it is the kind of material that easily attracts dust and grime. To be clear, it isn’t a major issue, but you might need to give it a good wipe every couple of weeks.

I also feel like the thumb buttons should be placed a bit to the back. The position is perfectly in line with where my thumb rests but because of the way my hand is gripping, I have to focus on moving only my thumb when using the forward button or else I might accidentally press the left-click button at the same time.

There are also a few other minor issues. When using the snapshot button on a Mac, it will automatically save the image to the desktop even though I’ve set the default to another folder. I also experienced a weird lagging issue on my MacBook when I first connected it with the receiver, but that problem somehow went away the next day.

Should I Buy It?

Logitech Lift vertical ergonomic mouse

at RM299, the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse definitely errs into the realm of pricey, especially if you’re not a gamer who is used to these price brackets for mice. However, if you do spend each and every day toiling away in front of a computer screen, I believe that your right wrist will thank you for getting this device in the long term.

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