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It is suggested that Xiaomi may be planning to up the ante for its wearable products. Based on an allegedly leaked presentation photo that was uploaded to Weibo, it appears that the Chinese tech brand is working on a new smart band called the Mi Band X, which would feature a flexible 360-degree display that wraps around your wrist.

Unfortunately, no images of the product’s concept or prototype was provided so its design is currently a mystery. The presentation slide in the photo reveals that the Mi Band X would feature the aforementioned display, Thermolite materials for its body, and magnets that snaps each end of the band together when worn. It is said that the device would also be thin and lightweight.

A 360-degree flexible screen isn’t impossible, thanks to the recent advancements in display technology as seen with the recent foldable and rollable smartphones. The only difference being that the alleged Mi Band X would instead rely on a long but thin display strip in order to wrap around a person’s wrist. This also begs the question on how Xiaomi would handle storing the device’s internal components in a flexible body, especially when the device is touted to feature a thin form factor.

xiaomi mi band x smartband 360-degree flexible display leak
(Image: Weibo)

Another potential setback are the different wrist sizes; an age-old problem that has been solved by the introduction of buckles and loops on watch straps. Since the device only comprises mostly of a flexible display, there’s a chance that it would be too loose or might not magnetically snap at all due to how it is designed. Unless Xiaomi has a solution for this, this concept might end up being too impractical for users.

Being a leak, it is also possible that the alleged Mi Band X might not be a real product in the end. But then again, Xiaomi is no stranger to trying something completely different. This is evident in its more unconventional products such as the Mi Mix Alpha smartphone, which saw a limited release in China back in 2019. Naturally, should the 360-degree display-equipped smart band end up being released, you can expect it to also come with a very hefty price tag – much like the Alpha.

(Source: Weibo via GSMArena)

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