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Intel has recently talked about the Arc Graphics cards for desktop machines and has touched on several subjects including product tiering and the specs for each tier. Not only that, the company has also briefly discussed a set of products that was internally referred to as the Intel-branded card or IBC.

In the video, Ryan Shrout of the Intel Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) marketing team pointed out that the IBC are essentially the Intel Arc Limited Edition cards. They come in two forms including one with the Arc A770 GPU that is accompanied by 16GB of GDDR6 VRAM and another that features the Arc A750 GPU.

Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition Card
The Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition desktop graphics card. [Image: Intel]
[Image: Intel.]

Interesting enough, Intel Fellow Tom Petersen who was also in the same video noted that the Intel Arc Limited Edition cards are being built in Malaysia. While there are components that the company has to source from other suppliers, Tom said the cards’ board has been designed by Intel itself together with their cooler.


On a related note, Intel has said that most Arc A770 cards from its add-in card partners will be featuring 8GB GDDR6 VRAM. Hence, the A770 Limited Edition graphic card has some added advantages here since it will be one of the handful Arc A770 cards that have a 16GB configuration.

[Image: Intel.]

Meanwhile, Tom has also noted that the card will be made available throughout the world even though there is still no firm launch date for the Intel Arc Limited Edition cards at the moment. Nevertheless, they will go on sale on launch day.

We have talked about Intel Arc tiering before but in case you missed our previous report, it is pretty much identical to how Intel named its Core processors. In general, the Arc 7 Series represents the family’s high-end offerings before tricking down to Arc 3 and Arc 5.

[Image: Intel.]

Aside from launch day, another important detail that is being kept under wraps by Intel is pricing. The company’s AXG group have been hinting at these new Arc desktop graphics card for quite some time, so let’s hope that the launch will come sooner rather than later.

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