Gurney Drive Hawker Centre is one of the most popular places in Penang for visitors, as should be the case. It is the place where of all the delicacies one should try from Penang can be found in one place.

Penang curry mee, assam laksa (noodles in a fish-based sour broth), ais kacang (a shaved ice dessert), cendol (a coconut milkbased shaved ice dessert), and rojak (a local salad); it is, thus, perfect, for your one-stop sampling of what Penang has to offer.

There are downsides however, the prices have grown along with its popularity and the traffic around the area can prove to be a hassle.

Gurney Drive Penang
Gurney Drive Penang

Although the food scene at Gurney Drive in Georgetown is world famous and has been covered by food magazines and TV networks, you’ll still encounter far more locals than tourists in this foodie epicenter. The seaside strip and pleasant esplanade serve as a social hotspot on weekends for young couples and families.

Every tasty local dish imaginable is available from the large cluster of open-air hawker carts; the smells are tantalizing and prices (although higher than elsewhere on Penang) are still reasonable despite the fame. If the carts aren’t your thing, you’ll also find a smattering of mid-range and even upscale restaurants including all-you-can-eat steamboat places where you cook seafood at your own table.

Although the restaurants in the upscale Gurney Plaza mall are open by day, Gurney Drive and the hawker carts don’t come alive until late evening.

If you only visit one hawker food center in Penang to sample local specialties, make it Gurney Drive!