Pohpiah gurney drive hawker stalls

As a recent arrival in Penang, whether you are a first time visitor or return visitor, you will be impelled to visit one of the many Hawker food centres scattered around the island. The most well-known Hawker Stalls for visitors will be found in Gurney Drive.gurney drive hawker stalls

Located at the beginning of Gurney Drive next to the roundabout now whereas before they used to be spread out along Gurney Drive itself. An eclectic collection of stalls which really is the best introduction a new visitor can find.

gurney drive hawker stallsThere is a selection of most of the more common Hawker foods to try, many of them are from the longest established Hawker families operating on Penang, some stretching back for three or more generations.

For a comprehensive guide to what food is on offer please go to our Hawker food guide.

Here is a photo sample of what stalls are available here.