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Square Enix recently announced the remaster of the Crisis Core prequel called Reunion, as well as the next part of the base Final Fantasy VII remake series, called Rebirth. Coinciding with all these announcements is the fact that the game has finally made its way to Steam in its Intergrade form. And for its first week, it’s getting a slight discount.

For those who have been waiting just for this, the wait is finally over. As for those who don’t know why this is such a big deal, this is because Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was previously exclusive to the Epic Games Store, at least where PC is concerned. The exclusivity lasted just over half a year since its 16 December release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade screen
Source: Square Enix / Steam.

Though at the time, the PC port of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade had its own share of issues. This ranges from stuttering issues, to the omission of very basic settings that you’d expect from any PC game, like graphics options. Notably, there was no variable framerate, anti-aliasing, Vsync or even resolution scaling. Instead, it has dynamic resolution scaling, the same way it had on the PS5.


Prior to that, Final Fantasy VII Remake was entirely exclusive to the PlayStation console platform. That was over a year-long exclusivity period, including a half-year period of the Intergrade upgrade being exclusive to the PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade screen Yuffie
Source: Square Enix / Steam.

But going back to the Steam version, it remains to be seen if any of these issues have been addressed, or if the experience will be similar to the EGS version. At any rate though, it comes with the steep new price of RM299, which is the local equivalent of the US$70 price tag in the US. Though for the first week, the game has a 29% price cut, bringing the price down to RM212.29. This ends on 24 June.

(Source: Steam)

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