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Fatal Frame last got a game added to the series all the way back in 2014, in the form of Maiden of Black Water. Now, seven years later, the name is back in the news. But not because there’s a new game that’s in the works. Instead, the series is getting the pachinko treatment.


As found by Kotaku East, a trailer for the Fatal Frame pachinko machine has been recently released. It actually looks quite good, which makes it a shame that it’s a pachinko trailer and not one for a video game. At least the trailer is nice enough to warn you of “shocking” scenes (read: jumpscares).

This makes another game series that has fallen into the pachinko life support. Various Konami IPs have had the same fate, from Metal Gear to Castlevania. What makes the Fatal Frame one a little bit surprising is that it’s not a Konami-owned series, but is shared between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo.

Early last year, we saw reports of a new Fatal Frame movie being in the works. Unfortunately, we have not heard of anything new since. And that looks to be the only upcoming thing that fans of the series can look forward to.

(Source: Kotaku East)

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