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Let’s get spicy

Besides these three awesome ingredients, our date banana smoothie recipe also contains two familiar and easily available spices: cardamom and cinnamon, both of which have great health benefits. Cardamom, for example, has high level of antioxidants believed to be beneficial for those with high blood pressure. It also has great anti-inflammatory effects, is used to help digestive problems and can even treat bad breath and prevent cavity, making you 100% more kissable! That’s a pretty good deal, right? If these reasons are insufficient to convince you to add some cardamom to your smoothie, this little spice also has antibacterial properties, can help treat infection, may help you breathe better and lowers blood sugar levels too. It’s considered to be a pretty safe spice, although pregnant women are advised to exercise some caution and not go overboard with consuming cardamom.

Cinnamon, too, is packed with antioxidants – even more so than garlic! And just like cardamom, cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and consuming it can help freshen your breath while promoting dental health (ahem – see point on being extra kissable above). It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease, fight infection, diabetes, may inhibit cancer growth, promotes healthy skin, helps with allergies and can even be beneficial for those with neurological disorders. And as an added bonus, adding a little cinnamon to your food naturally sweetens it up and cinnamon leaf extract also acts as a natural preservative.


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