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Continental Tyres has just launched the first of its seventh-generation products with the Continental UltraContact UC7 tyres. The UC7 tyres are available in Malaysia now and are offered in sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches.

Evolved from the UltraContact UC6, the Continental UC7 improves braking and control on wet ground. It also improves fuel efficiency, dry braking, and handling. Featured on the Continental UC7 tyres is Continental’s Confidence+ Technology which combines the best of the brand’s compound technology and construction design features without compromising safety, comfort, handling, and mileage.

Continental Tyre Malaysia Managing Director, Andrea Somorova said, “We take pride in our safety technologies that have been highly recognised for generations. With Vision Zero as our top priority, we strive to achieve zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero fatalities on the road.”

A worldwide team of about 25 engineers and material experts spent more than 9,500 hours to realise the UC7 tyres. They conducted over 850 tests under various conditions with a combined testing distance that is 12 times the earth’s circumference.

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The Continental UC7 tyres feature Continental’s “Diamond DNA” which stands for “Diamond Compound”, “Noise Breaker 3.0″, and “Aqua Channel Advanced”. The “Diamond Compound” optimizes the transformation of kinetic energy into heat, resulting in shorter braking distances on dry and wet roads. The “Diamond Compound” with whisper touch also contributes to reduced noise generation by absorbing impact from the road.

Continental’s “Noise Breaker 3.0” interrupts the sound waves by disrupting the homogeneity of the grooves. The sound waves are broken up and dissipated into smaller waves, preventing noise from building up and travelling into the cabin. Besides that, the “Noise Breaker 3.0” design with Flow X-celerator leverages the Venturi Effect to accelerate water flow through the groove, improving surface contact between rubber and road.

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Mainly improving the Continental UC7’s wet performance is Continental’s “Aqua Channel Advanced” technology. The “Aqua Channel Advanced” surface sipes on the centre part of the pattern, efficiently evacuating water to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

The Continental UltraContact UC7 tyres cater to a wide range of vehicles, available from 15-inch to 18-inch tyre-size fitments. There are suitable sizes for compact cars, mid-size cars, MPVs, and luxury sedans.

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