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Of late, it’s obvious that traffic has taken a turn for the worse even when compared with pre-Covid times; that’s even before it starts to rain, at peak hour, on a Friday.

University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Head of Traffic Psychology and Road Safety, Professor Dr. Rozmi Ismail, who is leading a team of researchers to resolve traffic congestion in the capital, thinks they have the answer to the problem – by restricting/disposing of cars above 10 years old from our roads.

“Logically, disposing of these old cars would prevent owners from further spending more money to maintain them,” he said.

According to Dr. Rozmi, the policy will balance out the number of old and new cars on the road. He also added that disposing these old cars will also reduce carbon emissions.

On how disposing of old cars can improve traffic congestion, Dr. Rozmi said that with every disposal of an old car, it’s bound to be replaced by a new car – something that’s undoubtedly easier said than done – people just can’t afford new cars.

Dr. Rozmi also added that for those with two vehicles or more at home, it won’t be a problem as they can drive either car that isn’t due for disposal.

We wonder which country, planet of even reality the esteemed Dr. Rozmi is residing in.

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