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Penang holds plenty of precious food gems. These old-generation eateries have been around for so many years serving our palates with what could be deemed as some of the best food. One such eatery, Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng will be relocating to a new spot after MCO 3.0.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng Is Relocating To New World Park

As true Penangites, we are no strangers to this famed Mee Goreng spot that gains its name after the street on which it is located along, Bangkok Lane. Did you know that this spot has been around for 76 years?

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng New World Park
Photo: @najee_mahshar (Instagram)

The owner, Mahboob Md Zakarih, 67, mentioned that this business is passed down from his father. Up to this day, he is still frying the noodles just like how his father did back in the days.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng New World Park
Photo: @da.bouffe (Instagram)
Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng New World Park
Photo: @nomsandbites (Instagram)

Donning the media with news of relocation after a dispute with the coffee shop owner, things are now finalized. Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng will be relocating to the New World Park hawker complex. Of course, this will take place after the MCO 3.0 is lifted.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng New World Park

Is This Your Favourite Mee Goreng In Penang?

As for now, we can still get a piping hot plate of this saliva-drooling Mee Goreng until the end of August 2021 before they are relocating to a new place, for good. So, do you grow up patronising this iconic Mee Goreng? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: @najee_mahshar | @sgnomster (Instagram)

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