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Astro today has unveiled its latest promo for July and August in which new customers can obtain its higher-tier pack with a significant discount.  Depending on the respective TV pack, one can save up to a total of RM1,050.

Under the new promotion which will last until the end of August, customers obtain either the Entertainment Plus, Premium 1, Premium 2, Premium 3, or Platinum Pack for just RM99.99. As a comparison, here is what the standard pricing for each of these Astro packs looked like:

  • Premium Pack 1: RM124.99
  • Entertainment Plus Pack: RM129.99
  • Premium Pack 2: RM149.99
  • Premium Pack 3: RM154.99
  • Platinum Pack: RM194.99

The promotion also offers discounted pricing for certain lower-end packs as well at RM59.99 per month which equals total savings of up to RM210. Here are how these packs are being priced at the moment:

  • Movies Pack: RM94.99
  • Sports / Entertainment Pack: RM89.99

While these discounts may seem rather enticing, there is one huge caveat: these discounted monthly price tags will only last for six months according to the promo’s Terms and Conditions document [pdf]. This is even though customers will be bound to a 24-month contract if they choose to take this offer.


Astro Ultra

Not to forget, there is also the installation fee of RM99. This is unless the customer chooses the Plug & Play self-installation route which usually costs RM39 but Astro has waived the fee at the moment.

If you are somehow not happy with your Astro service after the discounted period, then naturally there will be some termination fee involved. If your package comes with Astro Ultra Box, the termination fee will be RM1,000 while the fee for Astro UIlti Box is RM600 and you also have to take into account the total amount of monthly fees that are still left in your contract.

In general, this promotion is yet another example that highlights the importance of reading and understanding all the details within the Terms and Conditions document for any given promotion and service. Nevertheless, do head on to Astro’s official website if you want to learn more about the company’s latest promo.

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