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Studio Wildcard has announced that Ark 2, the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, will be releasing in 2023. As a celebration of sorts, the developer is making the first game free on Steam for a limited time.

Survival games have been around for quite awhile, and among those that players return to frequently is Ark: Survival Evolved. Available in 2015 as an early access title, it garnered a lot of popularity thanks to one of its promises – allowing you to tame and ride a vast variety of other dangerous creatures. This ranged from real, albeit extinct, dinosaurs, to mythical creatures like dragons and phoenixes.

Ark Survival Evolved screen 4
Source: Steam.

The game got its official release in 2017, and continued to get updates since. And as you’d expect, it even has map expansions and packs, which are also purchasable via the season pass. Despite all this, Ark: Survival Evolved has a reputation for being quite grindy, even among survival games. You have to manage hunger and thirst, even your exposure to temperature and the surrounding weather. And as you progress further, you’ll need to grind more for the crafting process, which can involve even modern equipment.


Some have also found Ark: Survival Evolved to have performance issues. While this is especially prevalent on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, it’s probably a little less of a concern for the PC version.

At any rate, you can claim Ark: Survival Evolved for free on Steam until 20 June 2022. A number of expansion maps are also available at no cost. but some of the expansion packs that are tied to the season pass are still locked behind said pass. Normally, this is priced at RM51, but at the time of writing, it also has a 20% price cut going on. In other words, you can get the complete experience that the game has to offer for RM40.80.

(Source: Steam via PC Gamer)

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