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Found right next to De View Hotel, a stone’s throw distance away from Kek Lok Si Temple is Akino Cottage, a new restaurant that offers a Japanese menu. The air-conditioned indoor seating is limited so if you are running out of luck, you might end up at the outdoor seating area (be prepared for a sweat-inducing experience if you are dining under a sultry hot weather). The list of choices is not as comprehensive as some established Japanese restaurants in town. While the dishes are affordably priced, the quality is less-satisfying and has rooms for improvements.

Air Itam

Tenzaru Soba (Rm 18)

Akino Cottage
De View Hotel

Tempura Udon (Rm 14)

Geography of Malaysia

Salmon Sushi (Rm 8)

We thought the Salmon Sushi was highly priced at Rm 4 per piece and to add salt to the wound, the Sushi Rice was overly soft to our liking. We had both Tempura Udon and Tenzaru Soba, both were served with a side of Japanese Tempura. The noodles were alright- pretty standard and not disappointing. The texture of the Udon was lovely, at least not over-cooked to a slouchy soft texture. The Tempura itself was alright but we would prefer them to serve a dip or at least, provide sweet Soy sauce to go with it (the grated Daikon was also missing). 

kek lok si temple
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Tenzaru Soba
Air Itam
Akino Cottage
De View Hotel
Geography of Malaysia


Taste: 6.5/10 (1- 3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)

Service: 6.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)

Price: 7/10 (1-3 expensive, 4-7 average, 8-10 cheap)

Ambiance: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)

Parking: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)


Service Charge: No

Government Tax: No

Business Hours: 12 pm to 3 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm. Closed on Tuesdays. 
Contact Number: 6012- 301 9820

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