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The pandemic isn’t going easy on anyone of us. Many Malaysians have stepped up to offer help to those in need, like setting up food banks and supporting the White Flag Campaign. Instead of the white flag that most of us are aware of, a couple in Penang has recently raised a ‘red flag’ to seek help for their adopted stray cats.

Couple Raised ‘Red Flag’ To Seek Assistance For Their Stray Cats

Photo: Free Malaysia Today (Website)

Inspired by the White Flag Campaign, Malaysia Animal Association has recently launched the “Red Flag Movemement’ to help pet owners who are struggling to buy food for their pets.

A couple who lives along Macallum Street adopted eight stray cats since the beginning of the pandemic. Due to the on and off movement control orders, the couple duo who works as a technician and hawker are struggling to make ends meet.

Photo: Sinchew Daily (Website)

Despite that, they’ve never thought of giving up on their pets, and couldn’t bear to let them go hungry. Hence, they hung a red flag outside of their window to seek assistance. The couple waited for days but because many are not aware of the meaning behind a red flag, no help was offered.

In the end, they had no choice but to contact the local authorities for help. The good news is, they’re provided with assistance and their fur kids won’t go hungry for now.

Raise Awareness For ‘Red Flag’ & Be A Responsible Owner

Feral cat
Photo: Berkshire Media (Website)

Foodies, if you see any household with a red flag, most probably they’re seeking assistance for their pets. Let us help spread awareness on this matter to prevent fur animals from going hungry. To pet owners, if you’re stuggling  to feed your fur kids, don’t be afraid to seek help. Please do not abandon them and leave them on the streets, because every life matters.

Source: Sinchew Daily 

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