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Like other countries, Malaysia has different seasons as well. Not the four seasons, though. The Southwest monsoon season has just started hence, rainy days. It might not be as cold as winter or autumn, but the cold breeze is no joke either. While we are on the topic, why not try these few selected drinks to warm you up on rainy days?

8 Hot Drinks To Liven Up Rainy Days

1. London Fog Tea Latte

Bori Cha
Photo: @xocolatluk (Instagram)

Have you heard of London Fog Tea Latte? If you’re a fan of Earl Grey tea, here’s a simple way to elevate your drink tea. Although Earl Grey is widely recognised as an English tea, this drink is a Canadian invention out of Vancouver. If you’re up for it, don’t forget to sprinkle dried lavender to please the eye.

Recipe: Link

2. Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

Earl Grey
Photo: @nomonym.cofee (Instagram)

Different from others, this drink is blue in colour! We bet you all know why. Similar to green tea, this blue butterfly pea flower tea has a lightly sweet aroma with a woody and earthy flavour. Commonly known as Blue Tea, this tea is caffeine-free as it is infused with flower petals. Also, did you know that it has a lot of health benefits?

Recipe: Link

3. Floral Tea

Photo: @liselottefi (Instagram)

Floral tea is perfect for many occasions! It tastes wonderful, full of fragrance and definitely beautiful that you will spend more time taking pictures than actually drinking it. Regardless, this tea will absolutely light up your mood and also feed your Instagram some good photos!

Recipe: Link

4. Korean Corn Tea (Oksusu Cha)

George Town
Photo: FOOD52 (Website)

Corn tea or Oksusu Cha is a classic Korean tea that is enjoyed by many, as much as Barley Tea or Bori Cha. This tea can be found literally everywhere in Korea. Unlike the usual teas, it has a slightly nutty flavour of corn, delicious to serve both hot and cold. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make this drink!

Recipe: Link

5. Dalgona Coffee

rainy days drinks
Photo: @interior_by_ammour (Instagram)

There’s no need to introduce this drink anymore as the recipe has spread like wildfire. No doubt, everyone has tried making Dalgona Coffee for it to earn the title ‘quarantine coffee’. Since going to cafes is no longer possible for a while, why not bring back this legendary simple four-ingredient recipe again?

Recipe: Link

6. Chocolate Chai Latte

rainy days drinks
Photo: @unmynd (Instagram)

Have you tried this heavenly combination of Chai Latte and chocolate? Sounds irresistible? It definitely is! Alike Dalgona Coffee, Chocolate Chai Latte is also a quick 4-ingredient recipe. Definitely easy to be a barista at home with this kind of recipes, right? All you need is a chai latte, milk, cocoa powder and sweetener.

Recipe: Link

7. Matcha Rose Latte

Photo: @groundhideoutlb (Instagram)

Next on the list is Matcha Rose Latte. Well, matcha lovers, this one is for you! This American and Japanese fusion drink is very much packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which is really great for the skin. Besides, if you need a break from coffee, this is one of the best alternatives as it only contains a quarter of the caffeine of your average cup of Joe.

Recipe: Link

8. Malted Hot Chocolate With Marshmallow

rainy days drinks
Photo: @stop_burger_yuk (Instagram)

Lastly, we definitely can’t miss the legendary hot chocolate! Even better when it is served with marshmallows. That, foodies, is the bomb. Everybody knows that chocolate makes us happy. To be exact, it’s the sugar. Hence, chocolate drinks are not only on rainy days, have some when you’re feeling blue.

Recipe: Link

Go Ahead & Enjoy The Moment!

We all have those moments where we imagine being in a music video – whether we’re driving, reading or just sitting by the window sipping coffee. Nevertheless, these drinks will definitely warm you up and let you enjoy the rainfall and cold breeze. Not to mention, they are absolutely insta-worthy! So, capture the good moments and share them with us.

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