THE MANGANIYAR SEDUCTION 6th July to 8th July Dewan Sri Pinang



 The inventive Indian director Roysten Abel, introduces GTF2012 audiences to the world famous The Manganiyar Seduction, a unique confluence of traditional Rajasthani music and striking contemporary theatre. The formerly nomadic Manganiyar minstrels once performed for Rajasthani kings and worshipped Muslim saints as well as Hindu goddesses. Imagine a dark stage coming slowly to life as the conductor gestures and one by one the curtain-lined stacked boxes on stage light up to reveal white-robed musicians. The musical refrain slowly builds as more boxes and more musicians (42 altogether) begin singing, playing lutes, percussion and reed instruments in an increasingly frenzied symphony. An unmissable experience!

“It will blow you away because you’ll never have experienced anything quite like The Manganiyar Seduction before, and you may never see anything like it again.” DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL “Gala show fit for a king… The performers captivated the audience from start to end.” THE STRAITS TIMES

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