MOIS Dance Club

If you’re young and free and would like a place to savour every moment of your precious life, hitting the clubs once in you lifetime is an absolute must to for anyone. To get that pump of adrenaline when the bass is hitting hard, where the drinks range from world famous liquors, chilled beers and sexy cocktails, where each person dances to their own beat with the same club hit. It’s a love-hate sort of thing.

Mois night clup penang
Mois night clup penang

A club scene not to be missed is at No.1 Upper Penang Road, where the sexiest dance club in Penang is located. MOIS Dance Club features awesome house DJs with skilled mixes and crowd pleasing charisma, wonderful sound system and luxurious décor. This place is absolutely packed on Saturday nights, thronged with party people, all eager to let loose (legally, of course) in the music and booze. One does not always get the chance to get in, once the club is full, you won’t be able to enter even when opening bottle liquor.

Inside, the ambient lighted bar awaits, dishing out beers, liquors, champagnes and cocktails for party goers. The area is lit just bright enough to maneuver from the large crowd on the dance floor to the tables.  The VIP section with comfy, velvety sofas sits behind the DJ console. One would often see waiters carrying bottles of champagnes with sparklers, an envious showstopper for some.

MOIS Dance Club is known for their weekly Sexy Dance Contests. Held every Wednesday, courageous ladies take the dance floor to perform their sexiest moves on any given song – a rather entertaining sight for some. Winner’s may win cash or a bottle of liquor to fuel their night long partying.

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