Malam Melayu @ George Town Festival

whats-on-penang-gtf-malam-melayuJune 17 at 8:30pm until July 8 at 11:30pm

Rumah Teh Bunga, Hutton Lane, George Town, Penang

“Malam Melayu” is a cultural festivity that gathers Malay / Islamic cultural performances all over Malaysia in one night. Held every Sunday during the Georgetown Festival from 15th June 2012 until 8th July 2012, this program will highlight special performance from South Africa, the Desert Rose to traditional theater such as Mak Yong, and traditional music such as Cak Lempong from Negeri Sembilan and Fauziah Gambus from Kuala Lumpur, Ghazal Parti by Warisan Ghazal Parti, Gamelan by Kurnia Klasik Group and traditional dance such as Boria, Inang-Zapin, Joget by ADIKARMA Group USM. 

Malaysia’s cultural vibrancy and diversity has beautifully formed a multi-cultural environment that colors our nation.

Our rich culture especially in Penang that ranging from the Indian Muslim community to Baba Nyonya has created a unique and interesting aspect that could be proud of in this region. The elements of togetherness and harmony in this event hope to enthuse every culture and tribes not only in Malaysia but also to international tourists. The “Malam Melayu” at this festival will be an inspiring platform of showcase and exchange for culture and tradition for all. 

This 4 weeks festivity hopes to bring the Penang communities together as one by exposing them to cultural awareness regardless age, gender, locality and background.

This program will also include the selling of Malay traditional food and handicrafts such as handmade bags, wayang kulit souvenirs, batik etc. around the performance area. 

Entrance is FREE! So,come and witness this exciting and exotic cultural performances which you’ll be amazed with!

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